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June 3rd, 2010

I can quit you @ 04:44 pm

I think I'm giving up on the latest series of Doctor Who. I have a complete emotional detachment for this regeneration, really, and though Amy has flashes of brilliance and charm, she's not a fully-fleshed character yet and that's a major failing given we're so far into the series. The only character I have any sort of interest in is Rory, and he's not in it enough to draw me in. Seriously, there's the concluding episode of a two-parter up on iPlayer right now and I still have next to no interest in watching it. That's insane, for me. Not just because it's Doctor Who but because I'm a tad compulsive about finishing story arcs (and video games, but sadly not Bad Novels. I have an arbitrary page limit for those.).

Anyhoo. If I get bored enough or that compulsive steak kicks in and I get antsy, I'll watch the conclusion of last week's story. But I'm happy to just rewatch Classic and old New Who episodes for my Doctor fix. Even once I know the story by heart there are always moments of performance that are a joy to pick out. Like that ridiculously touching thing David Tennant does where he smiles because the alternative is crying. Like in The Doctor's Daughter when he talks about the Time War. Jenny asks if it was like the war with the Hath and the Doctor gives this heartwrenching smile before he says 'bigger'. I just find that a staggeringly affective performance from DT. I think I've always been fond of smiles that aren't joyful or fond or what have you. Wistful smiles, teary smiles, pained smiles, etc. Lovely.

Meanwhile, I had a John Simm marathon of sorts this past week. State of Play was brilliant and tense, and Life on Mars, well, what can I say? I love Sam Tyler. And I hate the 70s. They were so...brown.
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