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October 8th, 2010

(no subject) @ 01:16 pm

Poor David Tennant. He's finally back on our screens, doing the press rounds for his new serial Single Father, and every interviewer quizzes him on his so-called failure in America. As if it's news when a pilot doesn't get picked up. I suppose that's the way. The UK "entertainment news" seem always to latch on to any sort of perceived failure. Or success. Keep your head down and get on with it! Don't become too famous or we'll call you a snob, and don't make a flop or we'll call you a has-been!

Blah. His pilot didn't get picked up, so he made two films instead. And still, every interviewer has brought up the pilot. It's tedious for me so I can imagine it's annoying as hell for him. That and people asking is playing a father for this new television drama has made him broody. You can really tell that he loathes talking about his personal life. And listen to me, feeling all defensive on his behalf. I think I officially have a crush on DT.

Meanwhile, Single Father looks to be a real weepy. I'm looking forward to seeing how they approach the issue of when it's 'appropriate' to start dating again after your partner dies, or even how much propriety factors in to a situation like that. At the moment, I'm experiencing a similar situation only coming at it from the kid's prospective (though I'm no longer a kid...but you know what I mean). And the tensions stemming from the fact that the Single Father is left raising his stepdaughter as well...I'll just be very interested in seeing how the writer deals with these things. From what DT and reviewers have said, Mick Ford has provided an unsentimental and nuanced treatment of the subject, so I really am looking forward to it.
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Humility before the Facts

A moving and beautiful thing