First LoM fanart

Title: Daddy's Gone
Fandom: Life on Mars
Music: "Daddy's Gone" by Glasvegas
Summary: A fanvid centered on Sam's relationship with his father, drawing primarily from the finale of Series 1.
Notes: This is my first time working with Life on Mars, and the first fanvid I've made in ages, so feedback would be great!

Download link (in case YouTube takes down the audio):

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Poor David Tennant. He's finally back on our screens, doing the press rounds for his new serial Single Father, and every interviewer quizzes him on his so-called failure in America. As if it's news when a pilot doesn't get picked up. I suppose that's the way. The UK "entertainment news" seem always to latch on to any sort of perceived failure. Or success. Keep your head down and get on with it! Don't become too famous or we'll call you a snob, and don't make a flop or we'll call you a has-been!

Blah. His pilot didn't get picked up, so he made two films instead. And still, every interviewer has brought up the pilot. It's tedious for me so I can imagine it's annoying as hell for him. That and people asking is playing a father for this new television drama has made him broody. You can really tell that he loathes talking about his personal life. And listen to me, feeling all defensive on his behalf. I think I officially have a crush on DT.

Meanwhile, Single Father looks to be a real weepy. I'm looking forward to seeing how they approach the issue of when it's 'appropriate' to start dating again after your partner dies, or even how much propriety factors in to a situation like that. At the moment, I'm experiencing a similar situation only coming at it from the kid's prospective (though I'm no longer a kid...but you know what I mean). And the tensions stemming from the fact that the Single Father is left raising his stepdaughter as well...I'll just be very interested in seeing how the writer deals with these things. From what DT and reviewers have said, Mick Ford has provided an unsentimental and nuanced treatment of the subject, so I really am looking forward to it.

First Whovid!

So after a very long hiatus from fanvid making, I've decided to jump right back in by switching fandoms. Yay! The result is a Ten2/Rose fanvid set to Scala and Kolacny Brothers' cover of the song "Heartbeats".
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My first crack at making an animated Who gif. I need to work on resizing and such, but nonetheless I love this sad smile from The Doctor's Daughter.

fanmixes and such

One of these days, I'll get my act together and post my Doctor Who fanmix for Ten (with three bonus tracks for TenII full of love and angst). Meanwhile, I'm listening to Get Lonely by The Mountain Goats and it strikes me as a wonderful soundtrack to post-Doomsday Ten. If you have Spotify or any other free music streaming program/website at hand, give it a shot. The title track in particular is wonderful for emo!Ten lovers out there.

It's been ages since I've tried my hand at fanvids for the House fandom. Honestly, my heart's not in it anymore even though I still enjoy the show. But I've been thinking about starting to make some DW vids. Just have to get over my mental block against Doomsday for Rose-centric vids and the specials from Water of Mars on for Master-centric ones.

Man, I still miss Ten. He was so beautifully enthusiastic, clever, and messed up.

Meanwhile, I'm sorely tempted to do a fanvid of Rose/Handy featuring clips from Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Hamlet of all things. You know, for the adjustment period of blood, fire and revenge. Set to "White Blank Page" by Mumford and Sons. Listen to that song and tell me it's not perfect.

I can quit you

I think I'm giving up on the latest series of Doctor Who. I have a complete emotional detachment for this regeneration, really, and though Amy has flashes of brilliance and charm, she's not a fully-fleshed character yet and that's a major failing given we're so far into the series. The only character I have any sort of interest in is Rory, and he's not in it enough to draw me in. Seriously, there's the concluding episode of a two-parter up on iPlayer right now and I still have next to no interest in watching it. That's insane, for me. Not just because it's Doctor Who but because I'm a tad compulsive about finishing story arcs (and video games, but sadly not Bad Novels. I have an arbitrary page limit for those.).

Anyhoo. If I get bored enough or that compulsive steak kicks in and I get antsy, I'll watch the conclusion of last week's story. But I'm happy to just rewatch Classic and old New Who episodes for my Doctor fix. Even once I know the story by heart there are always moments of performance that are a joy to pick out. Like that ridiculously touching thing David Tennant does where he smiles because the alternative is crying. Like in The Doctor's Daughter when he talks about the Time War. Jenny asks if it was like the war with the Hath and the Doctor gives this heartwrenching smile before he says 'bigger'. I just find that a staggeringly affective performance from DT. I think I've always been fond of smiles that aren't joyful or fond or what have you. Wistful smiles, teary smiles, pained smiles, etc. Lovely.

Meanwhile, I had a John Simm marathon of sorts this past week. State of Play was brilliant and tense, and Life on Mars, well, what can I say? I love Sam Tyler. And I hate the 70s. They were so...brown.

Rant on shipping

It seems impossible in fandoms today to avoid ship wars. Or, in fact, being a shipper. Maybe you exclusively read GEN stories or, I don't know, you follow a fandom where a character is perceived of as asexual, but I'm guessing that really limits your reading choices. Maybe you take the abbreviation seriously and say "shipper" only applies to someone advocating or writing about a relationship and, which, yeah, would really offer lots of choices. But by and large, I'd bet that, if you write or read fic in any popular fandom today you at least have some experience with being a shipper.

I don't see an inherent problem in shipping. Even though I've never bought into the idea of OTP in the few fandoms I've been active in, I see the appeal of it. Still...I tend to be loyal to a show or book, or one main character, more than I'm loyal to a canon or fanon relationship, which is why I say I hate militant shippers. And because this rant includes some spoilers for the season finale of [H]ouse, I'm going to cut right here.
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11th doctor

So, I'm still giving the new Doctor Who series a chance to grow on me. Specifically, I'm giving 11 (as a character), Matt Smith (as the performer) and Stephen Moffat (as head writer and new show runner) a chance to grow on me. Ok, throw in the revamped theme tune and TARDIS design. Collapse )